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Doctoral School in Communication Sciences

14 Academiei, Bucharest
tel.: 00 40 - 021.311.43.03 / +40(21)3181555
fax.: (+4021) 313.62.17,

The doctoral programme in communication sciences of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the University of Bucharest (FJSC) is based on a interdisciplinary approach. It is structured around the following areas: media and the public sphere, media anthropology, popular culture, intercultural communication, media semiotics, media discourse, political communication, critical studies and gender studies, media and religion, public relations, international communication, cultural industries, mass media economy, ethics and public relations.

Doctoral studies last for three years. The programme is completed upon the successful public defence of a PhD thesis. A two-year Master’s degree is a prerequisite.

For more information, please see the attached presentation.
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